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Property Management

Fairhurst Facilities Management provide a full-service facility, from simple to complex property management, giving clients total peace of mind that their buildings are being well managed and maintained in accordance with current legislative requirements and that their liabilities, responsibilities and best interests are being looked after.

Any building, commercial or residential, that shares facilities and rights between multiple tenants, will invariably have a form of service charge in place which defines the responsibilities of both landlord and tenant. The management of service charge is becoming ever more complicated by evolving legislation that places more and more emphasis and liability on property owners and company directors, stakeholders and shareholders of companies with a property responsibility, particularly in areas of statutory compliance and Health & Safety. All our managed properties enjoy the access to our comprehensive list of services, spanning many disciplines and delivered through our experienced property managers and surveyors.

The latest development cycle has seen an unprecedented number of multi-tenanted new buildings constructed, particularly in the residential flat and apartment sector, all of which have a requirement for the building fabric, structure, facilities and services to be managed and maintained. Often residents themselves become stakeholders, shareholders and directors of management companies that have an increasingly daunting set of responsibilities and duties. Legislation and responsibilities are different in relation to residential property and our service is tailored accordingly to suit the requirement of our residential clients.

Property Management Service Includes:

  • Preparation of a ‘Statement of Anticipated Expenditure’ (budget) for the service charge costs

  • Quarterly site visits

  • 24 hour call out service

  • Individual bank account management

  • Organisation of appropriate insurance cover

  • Apportionment of the budget across tenants and charge on account in line with rent frequency

  • Certifying the annual spend against budget

  • Apportionment of the certified annual spend across tenants

  • Comparison of a tenants’ share of actual spend to that charged on account and issue of adjusting invoices or credit notes

All of the above are administered, organised and managed by professional operatives and bespoke Service Charge designed software, ensuring accurate information is available to all parties.